Omni-Directional Resistance Training Products!
I have been training Aqualogix with coach Stephen for the past 2 weeks only, 30-40 minute sessions, 5 times each week. In these 2 weeks I have not only loss body fat and gotten leaner, but my body feels unbelievable! My overall flexibility, mobility, range of motion has increased. I really felt this when I played 18 holes of golf yesterday, where my back is generally a little sore or tight due to the lack of play. I noticed that my back was getting stronger as the holes continued, when I finished I thought to myself "WOW, I could play another 18 no problem.
This is just one example of how the AquaLogix has helped me in only 2 weeks!! I highly recommend everyone to try it, any age and any level. The assistance of the water and how the AquaLogix is designed to create the resistance while training creates the perfect partnership for performing, feeling and looking great!

Aqualogix Fitness Revolutionary Water Exercise Equipment.


Welcome to  AquaLogix fluid omni-directional drag resistance fitness system. Discover for yourself the ease of use, combining the best in hydro-kinetic techniques and has captured the attention of authority figures around the world now validating its fluid resistance design and user friendly dynamics.

What if you could combine water aerobics, pilates, yoga, dance, mixed martial arts into one full body blast that creates the highest level of water fitness imaginable, delivering the best results in strength, cardiovascular endurance and dynamic range of motion?

Are you looking to?

Recover from an injury, Lose a few extra pounds and tone up, Increase your endurance and energy, Feel rejuvenated and fantastic, Lower stress levels with water wellness, Gain explosive strength and power, Achieve athletic excellence


AquaLogix is a high intensity low impact fitness system that consists of 5 core products.
The bells and blades will transform your water workouts into a rejuvenating experience no matter your age or what shape you are in.

When people experience water fitness exercises with Aqualogix their results are dramatically effective whether they are recovering from an injury or getting back into shape.!
More people are seeking water therapy workouts in a low impact user friendly therapeutic environment.
You deserve to look and feel your best. So, invest in yourself to live a healthier and more active lifestyle with the best “All Gain No Pain” aquatic fitness equipment!

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