AquaLogix Advantage

  • AquaLogix revolutionary Omni-Directional Fluid Resistance Total Body Fitness System incorporates water’s natural property of fluid resistance of movement and the science of aquatic fitness training to it’s fullest potential!
  • AquaLogix is the stand alone superior choice in high intensity aquatic fitness.
  • High intensity, low impact fluid resistance in all planes of motion. There is no wasted movement.
  • The amount of fluid resistance is entirely dependent upon the force production of each user, yielding potential for continual maximum loads that safely decrease with fatigue.
  • Work harder while minimizing risk of injury.
  • No matter what your fitness goal is, AquaLogix will get you there faster.
  • There is nothing more efficient, nor effective to take you to the next level!

When teaching a class or working with a client, are you often asked if water will provide the same benefits as exercising on land? Many people wonder if they are working as hard or burning as many calories because they perceive the exercises to feel easier in water. As aquatic professionals, we need to be able to answer their questions and provide quality information on how aquatic exercise is beneficial. Throughout this article we will look at and compare the physiological effects of aquatic exercise and land exercise to better prepare for our clients; impending questions.Read More