Aquatic therapy

Aquatic Therapy injury recovery with AquaLogix fluid resistance technology

The AquaLogix Fitness System is a multi-patented, diverse array of aquatic exercise equipment that can be utilized to treat a wide variety of patient conditions.
This technology can be used in the treatment of shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and low back conditions.
research to confirm and support the use of the equipment.
A type of aquatic fitness equipment that  has been created  more recently and  is gaining recognition among fitness experts is called AquaLogix.

AquaLogix capitalizes on what they call “the principle of fluid Omni-directional drag resistance” in water.
This simply means, being able to work a muscle group equally and smoothly in any direction. In fluid dynamics, drag, which is sometimes called fluid resistance, refers to forces that act on a solid object in the direction of the relative fluid flow velocity.

  • How would you like to regain your range of motion and strength without “over-doing-it”? Better yet, how about never losing it at all?
  • With Aquatic Therapy, you can avoid joint stiffness and minimize the build-up of scar tissue, getting you back in the game!
  • AquaLogix gives you infinite degrees of recovery variability in not only resistance, but movement patterns as well.
    This allows you to attain the exact level best suited for your condition at any point in your recovery.
  • Rather than immobilization, reconditioning and the reintroduction of many movements can begin much sooner recovery.
    The result is a return to readiness weeks or even months faster than land based rehabilitation and recovery alone.

Aquatic therapy equipment

A study proposal by John Nettie, PT to determine the efficacy of an aquatic therapy protocol using AquaLogix technology vs. “Standard” Aquatic Therapy Equipment In Cardinal and Multiplanar (PNF) Patterns with Patients in order to improve function and reduce symptoms in patients with non-descript low back pain. Download Powerpoint

Monitoring the intensity of aquatic resistance exercises with devices that increase the drag force study by Juan C. Colado and N. Travis Triplett
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Dr. Jan Prins rehab study was presented at the 67th Annual Assembly of American Academy of physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Recovery on Kinematic Motion Analysis in the Evaluation of Therapeutic Exercises used in Aquatic Therapy Rehabilitation conducted by Dr. Jan Prins from the University of Hawaii. The study was conducted using AquaLogix equipment.
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Dr. Mary Wykle knows the benefits of using water for rehabilitative and Recovery therapy purposes. Within her life-long involvement with all aspects of aquatics she has designed and implemented numerous programs which aid individuals in need of rehabilitative measures.
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