Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend a Workshop if I am not a trainer?

- Anyone can attend an AquaLogix Workshop. Even if you are not a trainer.

What if there is not a Workshop in my area?

- Hosting an AquaLogix Workshop is an innovative way to differentiate your facility and get your trainers the education they need – along with valuable continuing education credits – with the most versatile and functional aquatic fitness equipment available.
Click here to request notification when a workshop will be held near you.

What can I expect to take away from attending an AquaLogix Workshop?

- Attendees will leave with a full understanding and working knowledge of the proper execution of the AquaLogix Fundamentals, including exercise technique, proper progression/regression, program design, and training principles unique to the AquaLogix Advantage.

- Guided navigation through our new mobile website. This will be your source for continued education and updated training videos, as well as promotional support for trainers who seek an opportunity to grow with our company.

What sizes are best for me?

- The Total Package is discounted when purchased as a complete set for one reason. Progression and regression is the most important part of any exercise program. The Total Package gives you the variability needed to maximize your results. Additionally, The Total Package is great for partner training as well as Certified AquaLogix Instructors and personal trainers with multiple clients at once.

Is it safe to train with AquaLogix in my spa/jacuzzi/hot tub?

- Simply put, NO. High intensity exercise should ideally be done in water temperatures below 84 degrees.

How often should I train with AquaLogix?

That depends on your goal and your program. Work with an AquaLogix Certified Trainer to determine what frequency and intensity is best for you. Click here for our trainer directory.

How deep/big does my pool have to be to use AquaLogix?

- Depth is your primary concern, most any pool is wide enough to effectively use AquaLogix.

Most people can train at depths between 3.5 – 4.5 feet of water.
User height vs ideal pool depth for fundamental training:

5’0″-5’6″ = 3’6″ deep
5’6″-6’0″ = 4’0″ – 4’6″ deep
6’0″-6’6″+ = 4’6″ – 5’0″ deep

Can I return my equipment if I am not totally satisfied?

We are confident that not only will you be satisfied, but you will be absolutely blown away by the power of AquaLogix. If for whatever reason we fail to do so, please give us a call and we will remedy the situation.