What if you could combine Pilates, yoga, cardiovascular & traditional resistance training into one full body blast? With AquaLogix you can! Nothing will produce a sexier you.

Most people are much stronger and fully capable of using heavier weights than they actually train with. In doing so, they fall short of their full potential for fear of getting “bulky” or “jacked”. The problem is that this slows your results, leading to frustration.

What makes AquaLogix the superior form of training for those looking to increase strength and achieve that “lean” appearance without gaining mass is the absence of the ‘eccentric phase’. The eccentric phase of a contraction (often referred to as the “Negative”) occurs when a muscle lengthens while under tension. It is what causes the little tears that make muscles grow back bigger.

This means you can train with the intensity of the die hard gym rats without the big muscles that result. Just lean and mean!